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About XTL Africa

XTL Africa is an independent and apolitical initiative with a simple objective.

...to balance-out the narrative about Africa.


 We set out not to supplant the standard fare of the 4-Ds (disease, despair, desperation and disaster); instead the focus is paralleling that other reality of Africa, Africans and things African...the perfectly NORMAL!



Africa is an amazingly diverse Complex.

Equal measure; stunning as it is stupefying, blaring as it is demure, modern as it is timeless, simple as it is mystifying, exasperating as it is invigorating, youthful as it is gnarled, verdant as it is arid.

There is no single story about Africa...there just can't be!

There are its autochthonous and its immigrants, totally suffused into the DNA of the Continent; and there are also its dispersed:

Emigres never able to completely sever ties; and then...

Its forcibly migrated...wrenched, brutalised and marginalised! Re-identified through Slavery by nationality, language and perception; yet undeniably African at heart and indelibly African in soul and in spirit.

Irrepressibly Africans, all!


XTL Africa curates good news for and about African countries.

Unapologetically we showcase for each country, all that we can which is... 


...proud, positive and progressive. 



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